Modifying and Matching

M contacted me about her wedding sign just before Christmas. She had had one made but they had moved their wedding date. Would I be able to change it? I said I’d give it a go!

The challenge here was how to remove the old date, match and apply the stain evenly, and match the font. I was most concerned about applying the stain evenly but fortunately, the sign was made of tongue and groove planks, meaning I only had to worry about one board! Also, the back wasn’t stained, so I was able to test out the stain colour there before applying it to the front. The odds were in my favour! Here’s the result:

I also did a couple of smaller signs for her. The larger sign’s text had been free-handed, so rather than trying to duplicate it, I found a similar font. Here are the finished products:

Not only was I happy to have successfully completed the challenge, M was a happy bride!

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